Best Free App to track Mileage that will help you to make more money

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What is the best Free App to track your mileage with Postmates

best free app to track mileage

What are the characteristics to look for in a mileage tracker App? A quick search on Google will immediately make you realize the considerable amount of applications and software have been made to facilitate the track of your miles for taxes or reimbursement.

It takes hours and hours of research to be able to find the application that is right for us. This post is not the usual "Top Ten of applications to track your miles" but rather a list of features that I personally believe are indispensable in an application for tracking mileage.

Whether you are a Postmates driver, Lyft driver or rideshare driver, with this post you will learn about the best mileage tracker app and how to make more money with expense tracking.

My experience

When I started driving for Postmates I did not know anything about managing business expenses for independent contractors. I have a family, car, rent... and of course I felt the need to save money. Did you know that you can claim mileage for Postmates, as well as those you drive for Lyft or other rideshare and delivery companies on your tax return if you kept diligent track of your drives throughout the year. Tracking your business related miles is a good way to earn more.

What is the standard mileage rate for 2020?

It's important for you to know that beginning on Jan. 1, 2020, the standard mileage rates for the use of a car (also vans, pickups or panel trucks) will be:

The turning point

My first question was does Postmates Fleet App track mileage? Unfortunately, Postmates App as well as Lyft or Uber or Dasher App will not do it for you. These Apps have been developed to help us make money and not make more money, in this case you have to follow all the tips and tricks to earn more of 😉

Subsequently, thanks to an in-depth research I found and started to try out some apps to track my miles. Clarified then that for me it is essential to have an application that facilitates the automatic mileage tracking, I would like to make two premises:

  • The considerations of this post are strictly personal and based on my experience
  • For those who are suspicious of the Apps: No one forbids using a pen and paper to track expenses and create a journal of your tracking miles. The IRS wants you to keep mileage records but they do not want to know how you record the miles. Generally you have three ways to keep track of your miles:
    1. Manually with a mileage log
    2. A spreadsheet
    3. Use a mileage tracking app

Keeping a manual track vs. keeping an electronic track. Which one is better?

This is a personal choice. Some people like to keep a simple handwritten journal and use the calculator when they prepare their tax to add all the miles traveled. In fact this could be the right method if you only work occasionally for Postmates.

Other people prefer to use an Excel / Numbers spreadsheet. In this case we want to make your life easier and we propose you to download a template created for tracking miles. I prefer to use an application because, if done well, it is definitely more convenient, faster and accurate.

What is the first feature I look for in a mileage track App?

The fundamental characteristic that I recommend to look for is the possibility of being able to use the application and track the miles for FREE. If you are reading this post you are definitely interested in earning more.

So why not take advantage of the potential of the mileage tracker App? A mileage tracker app gives you the opportunity to know exactly the miles traveled during the working hours for Postmates. It's definitely not a magic tool but you'll be able to save money during the tax time!

What features should the Mileage Tracker App have?

  • Separate your business miles: We will not get tired of repeating it. We do not offer tax advice but only business miles can be deductible if you are an independent contractor.

The Best FREE Mileage Tracker APP: Stride Tax

Among all the Apps I've tried, there's one that has all the features listed so far and it's Stride Tax.

The great advantage of using Stride App as well as the one that differentiates it from other tracker miles App is that the Stride App is totally FREE. Almost all the Apps that offer the service to track your miles at one time or another will ask you to upgrade to the premium version. Stride Tax no. Stride Tax remains faithful to its engagement to be a FREE App. It doesn't help when your free apps try to hard sell you premium subscriptions.

What should I do to track my miles?

Whether you are an Android or Iphone user, the only thing you need to do is:

how to track mileage with a free App
how to track mileage with a free App
how to track mileage with a free App
how to track mileage with a free App

How do I track business mileage?

  • Open your Stride APP
  • Start a recording by touching de button on the bottom of your screen (see image ).
    You can start, stop and delete recording miles anytime you wish

Stride Tax is not only the FREE mileage tracking tax app. It helps you save thousands on your tax bill, all year round. It automatically maximizes your mileage deductions, imports expenses, helps you find money-saving write-offs.

how do I track business mileage

The best Free tracking miles App [+2 more]

If you read the title of our article it is the best free app to track your miles +2 more. Here are two other Apps with their principal features. These Apps are an option to Stride App even if not really free to help you track your miles:

  1. Triplog
  2. MilesIQ

1. Triplog

The free version of the App comes with very limited feature such us manual tracking only, so auto-start (the app will automatically start tracking when you drive for a minute or two) won't work under that plan. If you would like to do auto-tracking then you need to upgrade your plan. You have unlimited number of trips (manual tracking) for free

2. MilesIQ

Here are some features of the MilsIQ app

  • Automatic Tracking
  • Classify Drives With Ease
  • 40 free drives every month after you need to upgrade
  • Your MileIQ unlimited subscription is tax deductible. If you use our MilesIQ referral code you will save 20% of your annual plan.


Among all the tips and tricks I can give to the Postmates drivers, there's one that will surely help you make more money. The path to maximize your earnings is made by managing from time to time the money we have "in hand". Maybe you do not have a pen with you, but surely you got your phone. Then do not waste time, download Stride Tax App and start setting aside money

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