How Does Postmates Fleet Works?

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how does postmates fleet work

Postmates is a technology company. Postmates is transforming the way food and merchandise is moved around cities - by connecting the best of a city to customers with delivery made possible by independent contractors. Postmates delivers not just food but also groceries, alcohol, clothing...

Some information about Postmates

  • Founders: Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice and Sam Street.
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Date of Foundation: MAR 2011
  • Markets: 3,500 Cities
  • Read more: What is Postmates

The Basics

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A User Opens The Postmates App

Customers place orders on or through the Postmates app available for iOS or Android mobile devices.

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The Order is Matched With a Driver

A nearby driver sees and chooses to accept the delivery's request. The user is automatically notified when the order has been confirmed.

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The Driver Picks up The Order

The driver pick up the order and double-check all the items, especially looking out for drinks. Then the courier drive to the customer.

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The Driver Takes the Order to the Destination

The Postmates Fleet App has an in-app navigation built with Google Maps, to determine the best routes during the delivery.

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The User Leaves Reviews

This is a particularity of Postmates Fleet. In fact officially ditched its classic 1-to-5-star rating system for a binary thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system.

Video Guide To How Does Postmates Fleet App Work

Get a closer look at how does Postmates Fleet Work. The app connects users and delivery drivers, from the delivery request to the pick up and the drop off. If you're ready, sign up for Postmates here.

Who is a Postmate?

In the Postmates platform your courier is called 'Postmate'. Postmates couriers are independent contractor. They use their own vehicle, car, bike or even walk to make the deliveries. You can become a Postmates driver and sign up with our Postmates driver referral code, you will get the new driver sign up bonus. Postmates will run a background check on you. Once approved, you can start accepting orders via the Postmates Fleet App.

Postmates drivers get 100% of the tips that customers leave when placing the orders. They are paid weekly with a direct deposit or they can cash out the earnings with instant pay. Being a Postmates is not only a gig or part-time job, it is an opportunity to earn more with a lot of flexibility. Postmates drivers work with their own schedule and they do not need to manage schedule or sign up for time slots.

postmates app

Users can access the Postmates services through its website or by using the mobile app, which is available for both iOS and Android smartphones. If you want to learn more take a look at our guide to use Postmates App

postmates fleet app

Postmates drivers go online to start getting delivery requests and making money on their own schedule. Check out our guide on how to use Postmates Fleet App logo

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