Postmates Instant Pay: What It Is and How It Works

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Everything you need to know about Postmates Instant Pay and how to get your money when you want

postmates instant pay

Postmates Instant Pay Deposit Review

Postmates pays its drivers weekly via direct deposit for all deliveries completed between Monday–Sunday of the previous week. If you already know the advantages of the weekly pay, you will be surprised to find out that with Postmates you can also be paid daily. Postmates Instant Pay helps more than you think and it gives you the flexibility of money coming in anytime you need it. With Postmates instant Pay you can easier schedule bill payments and organize your personal budget.

This is one of the great advantages that rideshare and delivery companies like Lyft, Doordash, Uber, Uber Eats offer to their drivers. For example Doordash offers its dasher a similar service called Fast Pay. What differentiates Postmates Instant Pay from Doordash Fast Pay is the fee to cash out. If Doordash drivers can cash out daily with a fee of $ 1.99, Postmates remains loyal to its commitment to be a 'driver friendly company'. Postmates drivers can do the same thing with a lower fee of only $ 0.50. We consider this another aspect to keep in mind if you're comparing Postmates and Doordash and you do not know who to sign for.

What do I need to use Postmates Instant Pay?

Here is a checklist of the qualifications to be able to use Postmates Instant Pay:

  • Have an active Postmates account
  • Have a debit card Mastercard or Visa issued in the US
  • Have an available cash balance up to $0

It's important for you to know that you cannot use a liquid card for instant deposit. A liquid card is a prepaid card and you can’t use prepaid debit cards. It has to be linked to a checking account. It’s the same with every instant pay in all the rideshare and delivery services. Today, 95% of U.S. debit cards support Instant Payouts.

Here is a list of the few banks that do not support Instant Payement:

  • Aba Card Solutions, Inc. Aba Card Solutions, Inc.
  • Banco Coomeva S.A.
  • Banco Popular De Puerto Rico
  • Barrington Bank & Trust Company National Association
  • Brenham Natl Bank
  • Calvin B Taylor Bankingc
  • Citizens Bank Swainsboro
  • Cornercard Uk Ltd
  • Dcb Bank Limited
  • First Century Bank National Association
  • Firstmerit Bank National Association
  • Florida Capital Bank National Association
  • Heartland Bank
  • HSBC Bank USA, National Association
  • J.P. Morgan Europe Limited
  • Ky W Va Gas Co. Employees Federal Credit Union
  • Madison County Bank
  • Mb Financial Bank National Association
  • Mwabank
  • Northbrook Bank & Trust Company
  • Ravalli County Federal Credit Union
  • Republic Bank
  • Republic Bank of Chicago
  • Sunrise Banks National Association
  • Target Bank
  • The Bank & Trust
  • Tib The Independent Bankersbank
  • Wesbanco Bank Inc.

How to set up Postmates Instant Pay in Postmates Fleet App

It's never been simpler than that. Do you have your debit card and your smartphone in your hand? Then :

  • Open the Postmates Driver App Dashbord by clicking on your profile photo
  • Tap on Banking
  • Select Add Debit Card
how to set up postmates instant pay in fleet app
how to set up postmates instant pay in fleet app

Postmates Instant Pay FAQ

How do I use Postmates Instant Pay?

Once you’ve linked your debit card in to your Postmates fleet, you’ll find Instant Deposit in the Dashbord pf your Postmates Fleet App.

  • Tap on your picture
  • Scroll down to the section deposits and you will find your courrent available balance.
  • Tap on the button 'Cash out' to transfer your available earnings directly to your debit card account. Remember: there’s a $0.50 fee to cash out your earnings to a debit card via Instant Pay.
how do I use Postmates Instant Pay

How many times a day can I cash out using Instant Pay service?

With Postmates Instant Deposit there are no limits. You can cash out your available balance as many times as you want. The other company that currently gives the possibility to drivers to cash out up to 5 times a day is Uber / Uber Eats. Check our complete guide on Uber Instant Pay.

How long does it take to receive your ernings with Instant Pay?

As its name says, the earnings are in most cases immediately available in your bank account. Some banks may still take 2-3 days to process an Instant Pay cash out

Can I use a prepaid card or credit card for Instant Pay?

No, you can not use a prepaid card or a credit card. Your card must be connected to your bank account

How can I cancel a Postmates Instant Deposit?

If you cash out your earnings, you won’t be able to cancel the cash transfer to a debit card.

I have an issue with my Postmates Instant Pay Deposit

If you have any issues reveiving your Postmates Instant Pay deposit there is something that you can do:

  1. Verify your Bank is not in the list of the banks that do not support Instant Payement
  2. Speak to your bank and explain that you’re having issues receiving Instant Pay transfers
  3. Postmatates Fleet support team is always available! You can Contact Postmates Support

Last word

Postmates is one of the few companies in the U.S. which allows workers to be paid daily instead of on a more traditional weekly, biweekly or monthly. If you need to get something to eat, or get gas or pay a bill, you don’t have to wait for it. With Postmates Instant Pay Deposit, your earnings are right away on your card and it’s a big help!

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*The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

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