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What is Mystro App?

Mystro App is an app that allows drivers to drive for multiple rideshare and delivery platforms. It's available on Android phone. Mystro currently does not support iOS. Feel free to join Mystro iOS waitlist.

Mystro app gives a new opportunity to drivers to earn more and maximize their earnings. In fact, today's drivers, incentivized by the new sign up bonuses, do not work just for one company, but often they are both Uber and Lyft and Postmates drivers. We remind you that today Postmates offers new sign up bonuses to drivers who have nothing to envy to Lyft or Uber. With Mystro's automation features you'll make more money, drive less, and never miss a ride/delivery you want

Which on-demand apps does Mystro currently support?

Mystro is not only for Rideshare companies. Actually Mystro supports

  • Lyft

  • Uber

  • Postmates

Like all modern platforms, Mystro app is also growing and working to support new on-demand apps

How does Mystro App Work?

Mystro app will be your assistant. With Mystro app you no longer have to switch between Lyft, Uber and Postmates apps. Mystro does everything for you, filtering the best requests for you and proposing those in which you would earn more.

A Review of Mystro App features

Mystro app has many advantages and features. The first of these is that it can be customized as you wish.

We propose you a checklist of the main features that make Mystro app unique and irreplaceable. Mystro app will really make your life easier.

mystro app review

Checklist of Mystro app features

Mystro auto accept, filters and settings

Thanks to Mystro app you can choose and change your primary app at any time. If you have just signed up for Lyft and are making the number of rides required to receive your sign up bonus, Lyft will be your primary app. In this case you can set an activation delay (for example 5 minutes) for Uber and Postmates. This prevent The app to go online for the selected time.

In the same way, if you do not want to use one of the apps, for example you don't want to drive for Uber, you no longer need to waste time on boring login and logout. You can filter everything via Mystro app.

Drive Safer

Mystro does not forget the most important thing, the safety of drivers. Thanks to voice control you can Keep your eyes on the road as you drive and let Mystro's Hands Free Automation feature accept ride/delivery requests for you.

Mystro Ride Requests Filter

With Mystro you can also choose what type of ride to accept. Check our guide on the different types of rides that lyft offers.

How much does Mystro app cost?

Currently Mystro offers a free trial of 14 days to new customers. This trial will allow you to appreciate all the benefits of Mystro app and to ascertain its reliability and convenience.

At the end of the trial period you can sign up for a subscription and choose from three different plans:


    $99.95 per year


    $11.95 per month


    For each ride you begin that Mystro managed on your behalf, you will be billed 20 cents. ($.20 per ride). Carpool trips such as Uber Pool or Lyft Line count as one ride and "stacked rides" count as one ride per pick-up. You will be billed monthly.

How does Mystro work: video

If you want to see Mystro in action and have an idea of ​​how mystro works, check out this video

Mystro Referral Code

Mystro gives you the chance to save money thanks to their referral program.

  • Get $ 5 (if you subscribe to a monthly plan)

  • Get $ 25 (if you subscribe to an annual plan)

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Mystro Help Center

If you want more detailed information, watch tutorials, and an in-depth section dedicated to F.A.Q. , do not waste time looking around ... Mystro Help Center is the right place!

Last Words

Maximizing earnings is a priority for every rideshare or delivery driver. Our task is to be at the service of the community and to provide you with the information and tips you need to earn more. brings its expertise in rideshare and delivery at your service. Mystro is a great opportunity for us. Do not waste your time. Start your free trial and you will realize it with your own eyes.

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