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Comprehensive Guide to Posmates Prepaid Card

postmates prepaid card

If you're reading this article, you've probably already signed up for Postmates. Before you can begin earning income as a delivery driver with Postmates, you must complete your application process and link the Postmates prepaid card that you received by mail with your welcome kit. After activating the card, Postmates will run a background check on you. People often have a lot of questions about the Postmates card when getting ready to drive. We are here to help you and this post will explain all you need to know about Postmates prepaid Card, what it is, how to activate it, use it and more.


1. What is the Postmates Prepaid Card

To undesrtand what is the Postmates prepaid card, we propose you a little reminder about how does Postmates work. If you read our aricle What is Postmates, you alredy know that Postmates delivers food, drinks and retails to your home or office from restaurants/merchants.

Postmates uses the web interface or app technologies where people order from local restaurants and shops from their Postmates account. Postmates App is a cashless App. So, the customer needs to add a payment card in their account. This card will be used when they place an order.

As a Postmates Fleet driver you have to pick up and deliver the customer's order. Postmates drivers pay at the restaurant/shop for the customer’s order with a Postmates prepaid card when prompted by the Fleet App. The Fleet app may say “Payment required”. So, the Postmates prepaid card is a special credit card that all Postmates drivers receive with the welcome kit and it works like this:

  1. Postmates instantly loads the customer’s payment onto the Postmates’s Card after the order is placed through the app.
  2. At the pick up the Postmates driver uses the Card at the restaurant/shop to pay the customer’s bill
  3. ⚠️ The money does not come out of the Postmates driver’s personal bank account
  4. After the order is delivered and designated completed in the Fleet app, the Postmates driver gets paid. Take a look at our guide to Postmates Instant Pay.
  5. Postmates drivers keep 100% of tips. Take a look at our guide to Postmates tipping

2. How to Activate Your Postmates Prepaid Card

how do I set up the postmates card

This is the first and most important step because how we said, Postmates will not start the background check process until your card is not attached to your Postmates Fleet account. There are two ways to set up your card and for both you need a WiFi connection:

  1. Use the Postmates Fleet App
  2. Sign in to your Postmates fleet account via fleet.postmates.com website

1. Postmates Fleet App

If you downloaded the App yet, please consult our guide to Postmates Fleet App. Follow our step by step tutorial to activate your card directly from the App:

  1. Open the App
  2. Open the Menu (top/left corner)
  3. Tap on your picture
  4. Tap on the menu 'Prepaid Card'
  5. Tap on Activate New Card
  6. Enter your card's identifier
  7. Enter the last 4-digits
  8. Follow the prompt

2. Website

activate postmates prepaid card web

Follow our step by step tutorial:

3. How to Use Your Postmates Prepaid Card

You need to use the card when you arrive at the pick up location and the Postmates Fleet App tells you to pay with the Card. At this point you need to provide your card to the cashier to pay for the customer's order.

The card is a prepaid card and has no funds on it until the Postmates driver has an order to pick up that requires payment. At that point it only had enough funds for that order. Once the payment is made then any remaining amounts are removed from the card. Here are some important point to know that every Postmates driver should know:

  • The Postmates card is a credit card and does not have a PIN.
  • Do not add tip when paying with Postmates Card

If you are a new Postmates driver, we suggest you consult our Postmates driver beginners guide.

4. What to Do If You Lose Your Postmates Card?

Here are 2 steps to take immediately if your Postmates Card is lost or stolen

  1. Report your Card as lost
  2. Replace your Card

How to report your Card as Lost:

You can report your Postmates Card as lost or stolen to Postmates with this support form .

How to replace your Postmates Card:

Postmates is a driver friendly company, they know that the Postmates card is an important tool of our job. You can order additional card in the Postmates shop without additional cost. "Better Safe Than Sorry", order an additional card right now!

5. Postmates Card Troubleshooting

Something seems to be going wrong with the card, your card is declined... The easiest solution would be to use your funds, but please don't do it. First of all, Postmates drivers are allowed a one-time use of personal funds, second there are better solutions. The following steps typically take care of most Postmates drivers issues:

  • Wait 3-5 minutes and then ask the cashier to try again.
  • Delete and reinstall the Postmates Fleet app.
  • Contact the Postmates in-app Support.
  • Do you know that you can request additional funds in the app by tapping the question mark in the upper right-hand corner.

6.Postmates Prepaid Card FAQ

Here are our answers to other most common questions.

What is the Postmates Welcoming Kit?

The requirements for Postmates are minimal. Unlike the requirements to become a DoorDash driver , you do not need to schedule an in-person orientation. Postmates will send you the welcome kit at the mail address you entered during the application process.

If you didn't start the application process, we suggest you take a look at our step by step Postmates on boarding process So, if you are curious and would like to know what the welcome kit is, you are at the right place. The welcome kit includes everything you need to deliver with Postmates:

  • The insulated bag
  • The prepaid card
  • A getting started manual

There are some important point to know:

  • The Postmates welcome kit is FREE.
  • It will take 1-5 business days for the welcoming kit to be delivered
  • You are not required to wear a Postmates t-shirt, but if you are interested you can buy Postmates gears from the Postmates online-store
  • If you do not receive your welcome kit within 10 days, contact the fleet support

Can Postmates drivers use their card to pay for gas?

No, first of all, Postmates drivers are independent contractor. Postmates, as well as Lyft, Uber, or DoorDash, don't pay for gas or tickets for car maintenance. You cannot use the card for yourself or personal use. We suggest you take a look at our guide to how much do Postmates drivers make. In addition, the Postmates card has no found when you do not accepted a delivery request and need to pick up an order.

Can I do Postmates without the prepaid card?

You should carry the card always with you and be ready to use it if prompted by the app. You should never pay for any Postmates order that you have accepted for delivery with any form of payment other than the Postmates Driver Card.

If you are looking for some tips and tricks and best practices when delivering with Postmates, we suggest you take a look at our Postmates driver beginners guide. It is a good practice to check you have everything you need to complete your delivery jobs before going online, including your Postmates card.

Reimbursements for Postmates Card failure

If you lost your card, the merchant didn't accept Postmates Card but only cash, Postmates will reimburse you for paying for an order with cash or using your personal card. Here are some important things to know to get reimbursed for this.

  • You can request reimbursement only within 48 hours of a delivery
  • To request a reimbursement fill up the form of the Fleet support
  • Always take a picture of the receipt
  • Postmates drivers are allowed a one-time use of personal funds

💡 Pro Tips for Using The Postmates Card

  • Double check before you go online that you have the card with you
  • The Postmates Card is a Credit Card and Not a Debit Card
  • Do not add tip when paying with the Postmates Card
  • Do not be shy, Postmates offers in-app support to all the Fleet drivers while online. Consult our guide to how to contact Postmates Support

Ready for Your First Delivery!

Now you know everything about the Postmates prepaid card. How to set up and use the card and how to solve some common issues. So, you are ready to earn money driving for Postmates.

We write a lot of guides to help you and make your life easier and help you earn more. We suggest you consult our guide with tips and tricks for drivers and our guide to Postmates hotspots.

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