How to Rent a E-Bike with Postmates
E-Bike Rental Program

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What is the Postmates e-bike rental program?

With Postmates you can rent an e-bike for only $80 per month plus tax (about 3‑4 deliveries a week). The bike comes with:

  • a helmet, bag, bag rack, and lock
  • Two rechargeable batteries. Each battery lasts between 20-40 miles depending on which mode you choose.
  • The e-bike goes up to 20 miles per hour

What are the requirements for renting an e-bike?

If you are not a Postmates join us. Pick up your e-bike, claim your bonus and start earning more!

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Postmates E-Bikes Express Faq

+How much does it cost to rent an E-Bike?

Only $80 per month plus applicable taxes, which is equivalent to 3-4 deliveries every week. We offer a discounted rate that is exclusive to you as a Postmate, so long as you continue to do deliveries on the Postmates platform. There is a refundable deposit of $100 for safety of asset which is returned back when the rental ends.

+How do I pay for the E-Bike?

If you participate in our program, your E-Bike payments will be made directly from your earnings on our platform at the beginning of each billable month. For your convenience, each month your account will reflect a negative balance until you have made $80 plus taxes. On average, if you complete 3-4 deliveries a week, your rental cost should be fully covered!

+How is the battery charged?

The battery can be charged using a regular 110V power outlet. No special charging station is needed.

+How much is the bonus?

The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

+Are there any restrictions on how much I use the E-Bike?

Nope! You can use your E-Bike rental as often as you’d like, for both deliveries and personal use.

+How long is the rental period?

The rental is for 12 months with an option to cancel in the first month to get your deposit returned. If you cancel after that, you forfeit your deposit. Your rental agreement can be renewed at any time.

+Can I still use other modes of transportation for deliveries?

You are still free to switch your vehicle type within the Fleet app.

+What if my earnings don’t cover the cost of the monthly rental?

If the first month your earnings does not cover your monthly rent, the balance will be added to the following month’s rental cost. This allows you to pay it next month via deliveries.

+How can I have more information about this program?

If you want to have more info, you can contact Genze

Postmates Rent a Bike


It's really easy to sign-up as Postmates and rent an e-bike. It's a great way to boost your delivery and increase your earnings.

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