Postmates Fleet App Comprehensive Guide
From driver to driver

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Postmates Fleet App: Everything you need to know

Because our purpose is to exchange our knowledge with the whole community and help you to make your life easier, we have prepared a guide for you on Postmates Fleet app. You'll see it's easy

What is Postmates Fleet App?

Postmates is a technology platform. Like Lyft or Uber, Postmates also has two apps:

  • Postmates App: for consumers (connects individual consumers to hundreds of marchants in their local market.)

  • Postmates Fleet App: for driver / courier

Postmates fleet app is your main work tool. Thanks to Postmates fleet app you can receive orders and make deliveries.

postmates fleet app

Postmates Fleet App Download

Postmates fleet App is available for Iphone and Android. Owning one of these two types of smartphone is the only prerequisite to be Postmate courier, in addition to being 18 years of age.

Postmates Fleet App IOS

How to download Postmates Fleet App IOS

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to download Postmates fleet app for IOS. We accompany this tutorial with images to make things easier

  1. Step 1

    Go to this Postmates App link on your Iphone.

  2. Step 2

    Install The App

  3. Step 3

    Navigate to settings menu on your Iphone and tap General.

  4. Step 4

    Tap Profiles & Device Management.

  5. Step 5

    Tap on the Postmates Inc profile and tap Trust Postmates Inc.

A Tutorial with images is even better ;)

postmates fleet app download Ios step 1
postmates fleet app download Ios step 2
postmates fleet app download Ios step 3
postmates fleet app download Ios step 3

Postmates Fleet App Android

How to download Postmates Fleet App for Android

Download Postmates App in Android phone is really easy. Follow our step by step tutorial.

  1. Step 1

    Go to this Postmates app link on your Phone.

  2. Step 2

    You will be redirected to Google Play Store. Sign in with your Google Account or if you already signed up... Install Fleet app

A Tutorial with images is even better ;)

postmates fleet app download Android step 1
postmates fleet app download Android step 2

Do you have issues with Postmates fleet app?

Postmates Fleet App is Not Working

If you are having problems installing the app, make sure your mobile device is up-to-date. Before downloading the app make sure you have memory on your device and a data or wifi connection. Do not ignore updates, which correct a type of security flaw.

Postmates Fleet App Review

To quote Steve Jobs, "Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works."

Postmates app developer worked well because Postmates Flett is really simple to use.

How to use Postmates Fleet App?

After you have been approved and you have downloaded Postmates fleet app you can Go Online start working and earning money. Ladies and gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Signore e Signori.... we are pleased to introduce you to Postmates app.

postmates fleet app comprehenive guide

The driver menu (top left) is the most important one in which you can find:

  • The amount of your delivery earnings

  • Your Deposits Statements

  • Invite Friends (Share your referral with your friends)

  • Ask for support

postmates fleet app screenshot

How to change your vehicle type in Postmates Fleet app

We will never tire of saying this, this is one of the great advantages of working for Postmates. Postmates vehicle requirements are minimal. You can change the choice of your vehicle at any time you want. Here's how:

Use the gear top right of your screen

postmates fleet app change vehicle type

Click on the vehicles menu

postmates fleet app change vehicle type

Change your Vehicle

postmates fleet app change vehicle type

How to set up Postmates Fleet app to maximize your earnings

There are some small things you can do to maximize your earnings. One of these is to parameterize your fleet app. Auto Accept order will help you improve your profits.

set fleet app
set fleet app

Last words

Postmates app is really easy to use and set up to maximize your earnings. For any issues you can always contact Postmates support. With these guides, however, I believe that you will be ready to go. Stay in touch with us via our twitter, facebook, instagram pages and if you think we've been helpful, do not hesitate to support us... put a like or share our page 😉 logo

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