Grubhub vs Postmates: A full comparison for drivers

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Is Postmates or GrubHub the best delivery service

With on-demand delivery gaining immense significance nowadays, the amount of food delivery apps available in the market seems innumerable. This facilitates a lucrative opportunity for drivers who want to make extra income and achieve their goals. And one of the best ways to earn quick money is through delivery apps such as Postmates and Grubhub, which have become remarkably popular these days. Food order delivery does not require specialized skills and is simple to start with. However, choice varies based on features. Choosing between these two delivery companies can be a dilemma, especially when you want to make good money as a gig worker. Both the apps function similarly but there are certain things to know when considering driving for each service.

This guide provides a detailed comparison of both the food delivery apps, helping you make a wise decision if you should work for Grubhub vs Postmates. So, let’s get started.

Understanding the On-Demand Delivery Apps

What is Postmates?

Postmates is one of the most reliable on-demand delivery service apps that allows delivering anything from anywhere in the U.S. It is an ingenious food, grocery and alcohol delivery platform. Customers can order and get delivery for food, drinks, groceries, or anything they want – anywhere and anytime with a few tap in the Postmates app. To learn more about the on-demand delivery company, we suggest you take a look at our complete guide to Postmates .

What is GrubHub?

GrubHub is a food delivery app that lets customers choose from over 115,000 associated restaurants across the United States. The app connects its users to restaurants nationwide, enabling them to pass online orders from their restaurant of choice in an easy way. In 2013 GrubHub and Seamless announced their merger. So, if you are looking in a Postmates vs Seamless comparison, you are at the right place.

While both the apps provide fantastic opportunities to earn quick money as a gig driver, the first difference between Grubhub and Postmates is that Grubhub is only a food delivery app, while Postmates is an on-demand delivery “anything” service.

How do Postmates and Grubhub Work?

which is better postmates or grubhub

Both Postmates app and Grubhub app work similarly for independent contractors who want to make extra cash by taking advantage of the fast-growing popularity of on-demand delivery apps. Which is better Postmates or Grubhub? The choice of becoming a GrubHub or Postmates driver can seem hardest. Both offer a lot of advantages, you can work part-time, full-time or when it is more convenient to you. They may seem basically the same other than brand.

However, a closer look shows that there are some key differences. Here we will understand how both the apps work for drivers.


When you sign into the Postmates service app and receive the first delivery order, you will drive to the store or restaurant to pick up the order on time. Since the app facilitates ordering anything from anywhere, it uses a map to pick the nearest delivery person. This helps meet the delivery deadline and offer exceptional quality customer service.

As a Postmates driver, you will receive a prepaid credit card that allows you to make every purchase that comes as a customer order. All payments including delivery fees will be paid to the vendor through the Postmates credit card. Once you purchase the goods, you have to drive to the customer by following the heat map and deliver them to the customer.

Since Postmates guarantees its customers delivering anything, anywhere and anytime, it is important for the drivers to operate at any given time. If you want to know how to schedule a Postmates delivery, just know that the app does not have any option for drivers to schedule their shifts and you might have to drive any day or anytime of the day. So, if you are ready to work with flexible timings, Postmates may be an ideal choice for you. We suggest you consult our Postmates driver beginners guide


When you work as a driver with Grubhub, you can deliver at any time that your market is open without a scheduled block. However they really encourage you to schedule in blocks. You will receive priority pings and increase the numbers of delivery requests. But if you regularly drop blocks within 72 hours of your block start time, they may restrict your access to scheduling.

Here is how Grubhub works for drivers. Once you receive the delivery request, you have 90 seconds to accept or reject it. If you accept the job, you have to drive to the partner restaurant to pick up the specific order and purchase the food with your GrubHub driver Card.

It is an exclusive prepaid card that you will use to make payment for food at various restaurants. However, not every order you receive will require buying through the card. You only need to pay the orders that have a banner "Order, Pay, and Deliver" at the top of the offer.

Next, you have to pick up the order once the food is prepared and drive to the customer’s precise location to drop off. It is a breeze working withGrubHub, but the working hours are less flexible than Postmates. The hours of work will vary depending on one city to another, but drivers do not have the choice to work 24/7.

Summarizing, there are two unique forms available to drivers. Firstly, you can schedule yourself by signing into the app and choosing your preferred day, start and end time. An advantage of scheduling your dash shift is you will have a guaranteed spot in the chosen time slot, irrespective of the number of drivers available at that time.

Another option available to drivers is to make yourself "Available". It is as simple as opening the application at any time of the day and starting to take offers. However, a limitation is that you might not be able to drive at any specific time. This is a feature of GrubHub and Dasher app that limits the number of drivers at any particular time.

While this may otherwise be an advantage, an inconvenience is that if you choose do not schedule yourself in blocks, it will limit you to drive in your preferred area at any desired time.

Winner: With flexible scheduling options and convenient working hours, Postmates is a clear winner in this segment. Delivering food for Grubhub you have to follow a strict system of blocks and levels. Finally, scheduling your preferred working hours is difficult with GrubHub.

Grubhub vs Postmates: Which is Better for Drivers

Grubhub and Postmates may seem basically the same other than brand. However, a closer look shows that there are some key differences. Read on for a closer look at some of these differences to help you...

Better Driver App Experience

Postmates Driver App

The Fleet app is intuitive and simple to use. The smooth layout presents things in a manner that is easy to understand. One of the biggest advantages of Postmates is an interactive heat map built in the app that makes navigation through the city streets quick and seamless.

This will help you find the hotspots and meet multiple delivery orders in an hour, improving your chances of earning more money in the quickest possible time. The app also aids in batch orders that can further help boost your income in the long run.

GrubHub Driver App

The GrubHub app is really easy to use and the layout is clean, which makes it easier for drivers to understand the key features in an efficient manner. Using the app is a breeze, but the biggest advantage of the GrubHub app is the map.

To make it easier for drivers to reach the destination on time because, you can also switch the default Google map application with Waze to find directions. If you drive with GrubHub, the flexibility of batch orders is also available.

Winner: Tie. Grubhub app and Postmates fleet app are clean apps. The design that delivers improved user experience as a delivery driver. All the critical features such as batching are well implemented and you do not need to tap buttons continuously.

Nationwide Reachs

Even the top-notch delivery app in the world is ineffective if it does not provide service in your area. For a gig worker considering earning quick money through nationwide delivery, the availability of the service plays an integral role. Therefore, it is important to consider which is available in more cities – Postmates or GrubHub.

With a reach across + 3,500 cities, Postmates is certainly a winner here. GrubHub is now available in + 2,700 U.S. cities and London. Therefore, the latter does not offer a nationwide advantage as compared to Postmates.

Winner: With a broader reach and better income-earning scope for drivers, Postmates has an added advantage over Uber Eats and GrubHub where the app is still working to maximize its penetration and partner with more restaurants across the United States.

Postmates vs. GrubHub – Which has a More Lucrative Pay Structure?

grubhub or postmates driver

Both the delivery gigs provide attractive opportunities to make money based on the total number of orders you fulfill. There is no system for hourly wages and you get paid only for the orders that you deliver.

So, should you work for Postmates or Grubhub? To help you make a wise decision, let’s see which platform provides a better income-earning opportunity.

Postmates Pricing

The driver’s pay on Postmates is calculated on the basis of :

  • Pickup fee
  • Drop Off fee
  • The mileage rate between pickup and drop, and the total time it takes from pickup to reach the customer.
  • Incentives and bonuses are on top of your earnings.
  • The delivery platform allows users to tip the driver inside the app once the order is complete. Take a look at our complete guide to Postmates tipping.

The app does not pay you for the trip from your location to the pickup point. Instead you will get a flat rate for every pick up. Take a look at your market earnings.

When the demand is high, you can make advantage of blitz pricing, which is applied as 1.25-1.75x multiplier. This lets you earn most money during the busiest times, enabling you to make the most from peak pricing strategy. So, how much can you make in a week with Postmates? In big cities like New York City, Washington DC, Los Angeles, you can also make $1,500 per week. We suggest you take a look at our guide with tips and tricks that will help you earn more driving with Postmates.

GrubHub Pricing

GrubHub recently made some changes in the way they calculate the drivers pay . The rates vary depending on the markets. Basically, GrubHub pays:

  • A mileage amount for every pick up
  • A mileage amount for every dropoff
  • A per-minute-waited rate for the time you spend at the pick-up location
  • A base order amount

Before you accept an order, an estimated payout will be displayed in the app. You can choose to accept or decline the order if the payout is not satisfactory. Grubhub drivers work with a strict system of reward and levels based on:

  • Attendance rate – The percent of blocks you schedule that you attend.
  • Acceptance rate – The percent of offers that you accept.
  • Block drop rate – The percent of blocks you schedule, but drop before or during the block.

Winner: Make a comparison Grubhub vs Postmates drivers can seem difficult. But if money is important for you, you should know that! According to Indeed a GrubHub driver earns an average of $19.60 per hour, and a Postmates courier earns an average of $24.95 per hour. In addition, Postmates officially ditched the rating system. Postmates drivers can work without fear of an unfair rating. However, both apps also provide the option to make more money through a tipping system.

Application Process

Now let’s compare the application process for both Postmates and GrubHub – which provides a more convenient, quick and hassle-free signup option for the drivers?

Driver Requirements

The basic requirements to become a driver with Postmates and GrubHub are quite similar. To make money as a delivery driver on both platforms, you must meet the following requirements:

Postmates Driver Requirements

  • Must be 18 years of age
  • Must provide your Social Security Number
  • Must have an Android or iPhone Smartphone
  • Must pass a background checks
  • Must clear a criminal background check

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GrubHub Driver Requirements

  • Must be 19+ years of age - 21+ in Chicago and Las Vegas
  • Must provide your Social Security Number
  • Must have an Android or iPhone Smartphone
  • Must pass a background checks
  • Must clear a criminal background check

Related Guide: Grubhub Driver Requirements

Winner: Tie. Aside from a slight difference in age requirements, the list of qualifications is the same. Obviously if you are 18 years old, you can only work for Postmates

Vehicle Requirements

The vehicle requirements are also similar for both the delivery apps and are minimalist to help you become a driver and earn money seamlessly. Whether you are driving a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler, both the apps require you to provide valid vehicle insurance, driver’s license, and your own insurance. Based on city requirements, you are also eligible to deliver via a bike, scooter, or even walking if you sign up for Postmates.

Background Verification Process

A background verification check is mandatory for driver recruitments with any of the two delivery apps. It covers evaluating whether you have a criminal background in violent crime, theft, sexual offences, DUI, felonies, or property damage. Additionally, if you choose to deliver via a motorcycle or car, it will also include your Motor Vehicles Record. This includes checking the status and validity of your driver’s license, driving record points, traffic accidents, DUI public reports, and traffic law violations with fines and convictions.

Winner: Since the requirements are the same, it is a tie between both the delivery apps.

Postmates vs.GrubHub: Which is Easy to Sign up?

Signing up with both Postmates and GrubHub is simple and quick. Another difference between GrubHub and Postmates is the sign up bonus. Postmates offers an attractive signup bonus amount for guaranteed earnings.

You can take a look at our complete guide to Postmates sign up bonus. Basically, to claim the bonus amount with Postmates, you have to fulfill 30-100 deliveries within the first 30 days.

Winner: Which is better, GrubHub or Postmates? The signup process is quite similar, but Postmates on the other hand is offering attractive earnings guaranteed to new couriers.

The Final Verdict

Both Postmates and Grubhub have their respective pros and cons, which we have clearly outlined in the review above. Of course, you can work for multiple food delivery services, but payment options are more lucrative with Postmates.

Other factors including flexible work hours without scheduling options and the binary rating system for drivers, make Postmates attractive. Additionally, driver and vehicle requirements are also more lenient with the latter. To determine which on-demand delivery option is best for you as a driver, it is crucial to evaluate which fits better to your schedule, renders a greater pay, and helps achieve desired results.

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