Postmates Tipping Guide: Should You Tip Your Postmates Driver? How Much?

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Does the restaurant tip etiquette still apply when your food is brought to you by a Postmates driver, Here is a complete review of Postmates tipping for customers.

Does the restaurant tip etiquette still apply when your food is brought to you by a Postmates driver? We all know the tipping guidelines for the restaurants, but do you know the to go order tipping etiquette? You do not need to tip if you pick up your own food, but if you receive some service it's good practice to tip your server 18 to 20 percent.

Here is a complete review of Postmates and food delivery services tipping. If you are a Postmates customer, this guide will help you to take the confusion out of tipping.

Finally, we will answer to the principal questions: Why should you tip your Postmates driver? How much do you have to tip? How to tip your driver in the Postmates App. If you are a Postmates driver, use this guide to learn more about your tips.

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How Much Does Postmates Cost?

What's faster than an app to order dinner? Pizza, sushi, chinese food, ethnic dishes or a hamburger, perhaps gourmet. The choice is wide. Place an order with the Postmates App is really easy.

Postmates is not a 24 hours delivery service. How late Postmates deliver depends on the hours of the merchant partners. Postmates start delivering at 7:00 AM. A lot of restaurants accept an order and deliver it until 10PM. However, in the Postmates platform you can find restaurants 24/7.

You can take a look at our complete guide to Postmates delivery . Basically, once you have placed an order, you will pay directly through the App. You cannot pay cash with postmates and the delivery service do not take or accept cash.

The first important point is to understand how much will your delivery with Postmates cost. If you’re thinking about using Postmates, you can take a look at the app or at the Postmates website. If you are new to the Postmates platform, do not forget to use our promo code to get a discount. Postmates has up-front pricing inside the app, so if you set your order, you’re now able to see how much your delivery will cost right away.

Postmates has very competitive fare. You can take a look at our comparison Postmates vs UberEats. In any case, your total price order will include:

  1. The price of your food/goods
  2. A delivery fee:
    • $0.99–$3.99 for partner merchants
    • $5.99–$9.99 for all other merchants
  3. A service fee: It is a variable percentage-based fee applied to the purchase price of your items. The amount of Postmates service fees is around 12%.
  4. A small cart fee of $1.99 if your order is under $12. For the city of Los Angeles, the minimum order is $10.

Postmates Tipping Review

postmates tipping guide

The big question is: Does the restaurant etiquette still apply when your food is brought to you by a Postmates, Uber Eats or Doordash driver? Should I leave a tip?

Being a delivery driver, requires plenty of patience. Dealing with restaurants, customers, requests, and the dinner rush is worth it if at the end of the shift you bank in on tips. Here are a couple of quick tips about tipping your delivery driver.

Do You Tip Postmates?

Postmates encourages you to tip the courier, but they do not include these in the delivery cost, and do not require Postmates users to tip. So, do you have to tip Postmates?

As a Postmates user, you are not obligated to offer your delivery driver gratuity. However, if you are happy for the service and decide you would like to tip, your 'Postmate' is welcome to accept.

Why should I tip the Postmates delivery driver?

Let’s face it, it’s not fun to put a few extra cash of your hard earned money onto a bill. If you take a look at the Postmates sub reddit or DoorDash sub reddit, you will easily understand how important the tips are for gig workers. There is no minimum wage for the Fleet and in big cities like NYC, San Francisco or Los Angeles… your tips make a big difference.

The etiquette says it, the good manners of knowing how to live, common sense and even a minimum of spirit of solidarity towards people who sometimes do very hard jobs. Do you know the day of a Postmates driver? Here are the 6 most important things you need to know about your Postmates driver.

  • Postmates drivers are independent contractors
  • Even if Postmates vehicle requirements are minimal. The majority of Postmates drivers use their own car.
  • Postmates does not pay for gasoline, tickets and car maintenance.
  • For Postmates drivers, tips are a source of income
  • Postmates couriers do not make an hourly minimum wage

How much do you have to tip your Postmates driver?

If you are trying to figure out how much to tip your Postmates, there is not a universal tip amount. This isn't surprising since tipping is a voluntary gesture of thanks.

However, the tip tradition is deeply rooted in the United States and it is now a social expectations. So, how much should you tip for delivery? There is no a standard tip for delivery drivers or a typical delivery tip. However, the average delivery tip 15 percent rate is a good starting point in the U.S.

How to tip on Postmates

This article will teach you how to add a tip for your driver using the Postmates mobile app. Basically, there are three different options for a customer to give tips to the Postmates driver. Here is a complete list of all the Postmates tip options:


The first step of starting use Postmates services is to set up the payment method. If you are a Postmates App user, you already know that all transactions are 100% digital and you do not need cash to place an order with Postmates. Very similar to Uber Eats, DoorDash and Lyft rider, Postmates customers pay online through the app that offers you the flexibility to pay your Postmates order with cards or Apple Pay.

The Postmates App is completely cashless but let you free to tip your Postmates driver with cash. So, can Postmates accept cash? While you cannot pay your Postmates order with cash, feel free to tip cash your delivery guy.

From the viewpoint of the Postmates driver, cash is generally preferred. That is not just because a less scrupulous driver may skip reporting some cash tips as income.

2. Give Tips Through Postmates App When You Receive Your Order

This is the most common option. Postmates customers prefer to tip at the time of delivery. In this case, you can tip your Postmates driver at the time of the delivery through your Postmates App.

3. Give Tips Through Postmates App Next Time You Place an Order

The third option is a retroactive Postmates tip. In fact, Postmates App will allow you to retroactively add a tip to your Postmates order. If you didn't tip your driver at the time of the order, once you open the app, you will receive a pop up with the tipping options for your previous order. This is an important point to know, because you will not be able to place new orders until you do not take action on tipping or choose do not give tips on your Postmates App.

How does Postmates tip work in practice?

Tipping on Postmates it is really easy. You can add a tip if you'd like and you do not need a calculator. The tip calculator will help you determine exactly how much to tip the delivery person by selecting a tip percentage. Postmates App automatically do the calculation for you and gives you 4 tipping options.

You only have to choose the preset amount for your tip or enter a custom tip if you'd like to provide a different amount. Delivery tip is always a percentage of your order. There are four tipping options in Postmates app:

  • 15%
  • 18%
  • 22%
  • Other
postmates in App Tipping
postmates ratings

Postmates Tipping Guide FAQ

Do drivers on Postmates see your tip?

Postmates drivers, like UberEats and DoorDash drivers, will be able to see the tips directly in the Fleet App dashboard earnings after 24 hrs they completed the delivery.

Subtleties: do we tip if we only order a coffee

We live in the era of the Apps. They make our life easier every day. Postmates App allows us to receive food from our favorite restaurant or even just a coffee wherever you are. If you used our Postmates Promo Code, you have already saved $100 free delivery fee.

Postmates drivers would really appreciate a tip, even if it’s just a dollar or even less. I'm a Postmates driver and I can tell you that if we have several people who tip even if just a dollar, that can add up to around $30 at the end of our shift. Money is money, and the 1 dollar is better than nothing. Bottom line: If you can afford to tip, do it, even if it’s a buck.

Does Postmates tip go to driver

Recently, allegations started making the rounds claiming that the tips left for the dasher were actually, through a mischievous model of payment, going to Doordash instead of the delivery workers. People started to ask if they should tip the DoorDash or UberEats delivery person. You can take a look at this interesting article on DoorDash tipping model and controversy. Postmates drivers get 100% of tips.

When do you get your Postmates tips

You will get your tips in your weekly pay. If you use instant payment, you will be able to cash out your tips once they appear in your earning dashboard. If you are new Postmates courier and you want to learn more about Postmates driver pay, we suggest you to take a look at our complete guide to Postmates driver pay.

Can I tip my Postmates driver if I used a Postmates Gift Card?

If you received a Postmates Gift Card, you can use your available balance to tip your driver

Postmates Tipping Guidelines Summary

  • Postmates driver: Nothing is required, it's up to you, but the etiquette says you tip the Postmates driver 15-20 percent of the order
  • You can pay with cash or through Postmates App
  • Postmates Pick up: No tip is necessary when you pick up your food.

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Now that you downladed Postmates App and get your Postmates $100 free credit, I'm sure that you love the convenience of food and everything you need delivery. Postmates is the perfect solution when you’re too tired to cook or you want to try a new restaurant. Furthermore, Postmates customer service is always ready to help you. Check out our article and find a way to save money, even if you are a Postmates existing user.

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