Postmates vs Caviar. Which is Better for Drivers? A Complete Comparison

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Working for Caviar vs Postmates

postmates vs caviar

Postmates and Caviar are with Doordash and Uber Eats, the biggest players in the food delivery service apps. In the age of the Apps, Caviar and Postmates give us the opportunity to order food for delivery with just a few taps of a phone screen. Postmates and Caviar are also always looking for drivers. A lot of people have started delivering food because it's a flexible, easy way to earn money on your own schedule. You can deliver day or night, whenever it is convenient for you.

When it comes to signing for one of the delivery companies, the choice can be the hardest. Postmates, Doordash, Caviar and Instacart here are some names of the Gig Economy. There are now so many companies offering job opportunities and sometimes it is difficult to choose for whom to work. In particular Postmates and Caviar, both offer a lot of great advantages. First of all a job without many requirements. You can choose how you deliver. Depending on your city, you may be able to deliver food with your car, bike, or scooter.

Postmates and Caviar they may seem basically the same other than brand. However, a closer look shows that there are some key differences. So which is the best option for you?

Keep reading as we put the two services against each other. At the end of our article you will be able to decide whether Postmates or Caviar is right for you.

Why work as a delivery driver for Postmates or Caviar?

Postmates and Caviar, as well as their competitors (Doordash, Instacart or Uber Eats), do not offer a fixed salary, but collaboration contracts. Delivery drivers are independent contractors.

Precisely for this reason it is the right solution for those who want extra money at the end of the month or for students. Working for Postmates or Caviar, surely you can maximize your earnings and have more money in your pocket. Finally if you're looking for a job that doesn't require a lot of commitment and qualifications, this job is for you.

What are Postmates and Caviar?

If you know the etymology of the Gig Economy, this is a fairly recent term. It is born thanks to the creation of applications and websites that offer services 'on demand'.

In addition to being appreciated for their services as a user, Postmates and Caviar present themself as the right solution for those who want to work as delivery drivers. Postmates and Caviar are two platforms and work respectively through Postmates App and Caviar App. But what are the differences?

What is Postmates?

Postmates platform is an easy and reliable way to get the food and merchandise you love delivered. We suggest you consult our complete guide to Postmates. Basically, with the Postmates App, you can order just about anything. In fact, the main purpose of Postmates is to help people unlock the best of their cities – and their lives, with an insanely reliable on-demand “anything” network.

The app offers innovative services and free delivery fee with Postmates Party and first time use promo codes .

What is Caviar?

Caviar is a premium food delivery service. Caviar specializes in fine dining. Customers select food through the Caviar App or Caviar website from various retailers.

As a Caviar delivery driver, you have to pick up the food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. Like for Uber Eats, with Caviar, all the orders are placed and paid directly from the App.

The first difference between Caviar and Postmates is that Caviar is only a food delivery app, while Postmates is an on-demand delivery “anything” service.

In which cities can I work for Postmates or Caviar?

Where is Caviar available?

Caviar was founded by four Cal entrepreneurs on 2012. On August 4, 2014, Square announced the acquisition of Caviar. Caviar is currently available in the following cities around the U.S.A.

  • Boston, MA
  • Brooklyn & Queens, NY
  • Chicago, IL
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Greater Philadelphia, PA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Manhattan, NY
  • Marin County, CA
  • Northern Virginia, VA
  • Orange County, CA
  • Peninsula, CA
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Portland, OR
  • Richmond, VA
  • Rockville, MD
  • SF: East Bay, CA
  • Sacramento, CA
  • San Diego, CA
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Seattle, WA
  • South Jersey, NJ
  • Walnut Creek, CA
  • Washington DC
  • Woodbridge, VA

Where is Postmates Available?

postmates vs caviar availability

Postmates was founded in 2011 by Bastian Lehmann, Sean Plaice, Sam Street. Postmates announced on Tuesday (April 23) that it is expanding and adding 1,000 more cities, bringing the total number of cities it serves to 3,500 across all 50 states. Check our complete list of cities with Postmates.

Winner: With a reach across 3,500 cities, Postmates is certainly a winner here. Caviar is now available in 30 cities. Therefore, the latter does not offer a nationwide advantage as compared to Postmates.

Posmates vs Caviar: What Are the Job Requirements

Postmates Fleet Delivery Driver Requirements

Unlike Lyft drivers or Uber drivers, you do not need years of driving experience to drive for Caviar or Postmates. In addition, unlike rideshare services, there is no limit to the transportation method you can use. Car, truck, bike, scooter or motorcycle, any vehicle delivery option works. Take a look at our complete guide to Postmates driver requirements and Caviar courier requirements.

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have access to
    • a vehicle (No vehicle inspection required)
    • a bike
    • a scooter
    • walk (allowed in some markets)
  • Own a smartphone (iPhone / Android)
  • Pass a background check

Caviar Courier Requirements

  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have access to
    • a vehicle (No vehicle inspection required)
    • a bike
    • a scooter
    • walk (allowed in some markets)
  • Own a smartphone (to use Caviar courier app)
  • Pass a background check

Requirements to become a Postmates Driver or Caviar Courier: Our opinion

The list of qualifications is not so complicated either for Postmates or Caviar. Postmates and Caviar offer the flexibility to switch to any vehicle authorized in your market, directly from Postmates Fleet App or Caviar Courier App

Winner: Tie

Postmates vs Caviar: Job Review

Some important things to know before becoming a Postmates driver or a Caviar Courier

  1. Sceduling Delivery: With Postmates you do not need to sign in shifts and schedule deliveries. All Postmates drivers have the same job opportunities and there are no priority pings. With Caviar as well as with Instacart or Grubhub you need to schedule in advance your deliveries shifts. Sometimes it is very difficult to obtain the full time hours you need. We tried to schedule ourself for some deliveries, all the spots were already full for the next 10 days.
  2. Unlike Doordash, Postmates and Caviar do not have a rating system. Postmates drivers and Caviar couriers do not live in fear of low ratings from customers. Postmates officially ditched its classic 1-to-5-star rating system for a binary thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system. You can learn more in our complete review on Postmates rating system

Related Article: Postmates Driver Review

caviar scheduling yourself for deliveries

Postmates vs Caviar: Driver Pay

“Life is a matter of choice,” says Schwartz. “But, is this good news or bad news?” With so many choices, people find it difficult to make any decision at all. If you’re currently considering looking for a new job soon, perks, benefits and higher salary are so important.

So, which pays better: Caviar or Postmates? If earning more is a fundamental need for you too, take a few minutes to see this review of Postmates drivers and Caviar Courier hourly pay. According to a Caviar Courier earns $24.99 per hour and a Postmates driver earns $24.98 per hour. That is 55% above the national average.

Postmates vs Caviar: How much can you earn?

When choosing a job, the pay or salary is the most important consideration. Postmates and Caviar paid their courier weekly via direct deposit in their bank account. While Postmates drivers can cash out their earnings daily with instant payment , Caviar couriers can cash out the earnings only with cash app.

So, how much can you earn by delivering with Caviar or Postmates? Earnings from working as a Postmates driver or Caviar courier vary based on the number of deliveries made. The more hours you spend on this activity, the greater your chances of earning. In fact, every driver can freely decide how many hours to work and on which days of the week.

caviar courier hourly salary
Postmates delivery driver hourly salary

Winner: While the average hourly pay is pretty similar. Postmates couriers appreciate the opportunity to cash out their earnings daily in their checking account.

Postmates vs Caviar Background Check

Before you can begin earning money as a delivery driver with Postmates or Caviar, you must go through a background check process. The background check is FREE. Postmates and Caviar are safe platforms and use a third-party company to complete their a background checks. The list of qualifications to become a Caviar courier or join Postmates Fleet includes:

  • No more than 3 moving violations in the previous 3 years, such as
    • Driving without insurance
    • Speeding tickets
    • Accidents
  • No DUI or any drug related violation in the previous 7 years
  • No driving related convictions in the previous 7 years, such as

You will be ineligible to deliver with Caviar or Postmates if in your background check you have (in the previous seven year period) a crime including:

  • Felonies
  • Sexual offenses
  • Theft
  • Drug related crimes

If you are curious and want to learn more about the background check you can check our accurate guide on Postmates background check.

Winner: Tie

postmates vs caviar incentives and bonuses

Postmates vs Caviar: Driver Sign up Bonus and Incentives

Postmates Sign up Bonuses and Incentives

Sign up for Postmates is a lucrative opportunity with our Postmates referral code FL-eleonorap. Postmates sign up bonus range between $150 and $1,000. Once you are approved, it's important for you to know that Postmates offers incentives to all existing drivers such as:

  • Earnings Guaranteed: For example, if you are a Postmates driver in San Francisco Bay Area, Postmates will offer you the possibility to earn $300 if you make 30 deliveries. Tips are not factored into your guaranteed earnings total.
  • Bonus Per Delivery: Earn an additional bonus for every delivery accepted within a specified timeframe and completed.
  • Share your Postmates Referral Code: You can use your Postmates referral code to invite new drivers in the Postmates platform and eran money.

Caviar Sign up Bonuses and Incentives

The lesson is... always try to get the milestone. Caviar Courier have acces to the folloing incentives:

  • Peak Boost: You'll receive an additional bonus amount if you work during trhe peak hours (lunch and dinner time).Caviar requires you schedule in advance your delivery shift
  • Ongoing Milestones: For example: Earn a $15 milestone bonus if you complete 4 deliveries during your first session online within 5 days of today!
  • One Day Milestones: Milestones that span across one day. You will see the payout within a few hours on your Caviar Courier App once you have earned it.
caviar peak times

Caviar Driver Sign up Bonus

Caviar as well as Doordash and Instacart has restriction in their referral code policy. If you google 'Caviar driver referral code', you'll find someone spreading his caviar referral code. There are some important things you need to know about it.

  1. Caviar does not offer a sign up bonus in many cities.
  2. When you refer someone in the Caviar Platform, both the Existing Driver (Referrer) and the New Driver (Referee) must complete the same numbers of deliveries.

Our Opinion

Caviar is pretty clear in their aricle on referral incentives for new courier. Sign up bonuses are not processed automatically but manually. These fake coupons can have a very real impact on your wallet because you will never receive your sign up bonus.

Postmates offers more incentives to their drivers and HUGE SIGN UP BONUSES. You can also maximize your earnings with our tips and tricks for Postmates drivers.

Caviar and Postmates Parking Tickets Policy

Postmates, like Doordash or Uber, do not pay for parking tickets or other traffic violations received while you were online. Postmates drivers are expected to follow the rules of the road and are personally responsible for any violation of traffic laws. Postmates drivers have to use Postmates Fleet App in compliance with all relevant state, federal and local laws and the rules of the road at all times.

Caviar has a ticket parking policy favorable to Caviar Courier.

What are the requirements to request to Caviar a refund of Parking ticket?

In some cities, Caviar offers refund of ticket parking. Caviar will proceed a pay adjustments to help Couriers with parking tickets. Your ticket parking must have the following criteria:

  1. The parking ticket must be issued by a government agency.
  2. You received your parking ticket while picking up or dropping off deliveries.
  3. Tickets must be associated to a ​completed order (find the number of your order in the Caviar Courier App )
  4. Once you have submitted a ticket you have to make 100 deliveries in the Caviar platform before to be able to submit another ticket
  5. You have 15 days to submit your parking ticket to Caviar for a refound.

Winner: Caviar

Postmates vs Caviar: Tips

Postmates and Caviar, guarantee that 100% of the customer’s tip goes to the worker. You can take a look at our guide to Postmates tipping model .


Both platforms offer a job with minimal requirements. You’ll need to decide what factors are most important to you and then choose the company best meets your needs. If you are looking for the way to maximize your earnings and boost your income, Caviar doesn't quite have the volume that Postmates does. Postmates sign up bonus and incentives make the job offer more lucrative. Finally we believe that working for Postmates is more flexible, it does not require you to sign in work shifts in advance.

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