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What is Postmates?

Postmates is Food & Drink Delivery

Whether it's groceries, drinks, or specific cuisines, you can also order beer through the Postmates app. The on-demand delivery app will help you unlock the best of your city.

Postmates is not only a Food Delivery App

Postmates is not just food delivery. Postmates is transforming the way goods move around cities by enabling anyone to have anything delivered on-demand. Postmates revolutionary Urban Logistics platform connects customers with local couriers who can deliver anything from any store or restaurant in minutes.

Postmates anywhere you are

If you are looking for ways to have a relaxing vacation and relaxing life...Postmates is a good choice. You can spend more time with your family or your friends instead of hunting for restaurants by having meals delivered with Postmates.
In Postmates App you can change the location for the delivery.
Postmates is anywhere you are

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How to use Postmates App

A List of Big Postmates Affiliate Partners

postmates partners

Postmates & Shake Shack

With Postmates you can have a Shake Shack delivered wherever you want, whenever you want. Find great burgers, fries, shakes... Choose your Shake Shack menu in the postmates app and it will be delivered to you wherever you are!

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Postmates & Panera Bread

Panera bread is not only freshly baked artisan bread. Panera Bread teamed up with dietitians to create plant-based, nutrient-packed, and protein-rich menus.

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How do I download Postmates App?

Postmates is available through their:

how do I download Postmates app with promo code

How do I pass an Order with Postmates App?

Once you've located the restaurant or store you'd like to order from, add the items you want to your cart, input your payment and contact info, and hit "Get It Now".

If the merchant’s menu or catalog isn’t available in the Postmates App, you’ll see the option to “Add Your Items” after choosing that merchant, which will allow you to create a custom order. Just make sure your instructions are as specific as possible so your Postmate will know exactly what to get. If you want to learn more, you can take a look at our detailed guide on Postmates App

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There are a lot of good reasons to start using the app. We suggest you take a look at our complete guide Postmates vs UberEats where you can find a complete comparison of the delivery fees and pricing. In addition, Postmates run promotions all around the year. There is no best time to start using the app. You can start today. They have recently started offering a "Pick up Service" to Postmates members.

The new customer promo code offers new members who want to use the pick up services the possibility to save money and enjoy the Postmates platform with the pick up promo. Postmates promo codes are a way to save money on everyday and monthly expenses, and they help you put aside the funds for the future.

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How to get Postmates credit

You can claim your promo code through Postmates App (Android or Iphone) or Postmates Website. There are two ways to apply your Postmates Promo Code and get your bonus:

Get your code Automatically

Sign up for Postmates and create your customer account by using Postmates Promo Code. So, where to enter the Postmates promo code? In this case the promo code is included in the link. However, I suggest you check by adding it manually.

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In this case you need to enter the promo code on the postmates app manually. So follow our instructions:
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Example on how to get BEST Postmates Promo Code Credit

Step by step tutorial

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best Postmates promo code

💡 Pro Tip Using a Postmates Coupon

  • Promotional credits do not remain active on your account forever so we recommend using them up within 7 days of applying the code.
  • Using the Postmates promotions, you will be able to save money by trying the service and get free deliveryÏ.

Postmates Promo Codes Existing Users

Have you already used the free promo code when you signed up? Wondering if there are free postmates code for existing users out there somewhere for you? There is always the way to save money using Postmates App. Take a look to our complete guide to Postmates promo code existing users

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Postmates Promo Codes FAQ

+How do I use Postmates coupons?

To use a Postmates coupon, download the Postmates app, copy the related promo code to your clipboard and apply it in the Promos and Credits menu of the Postmates app. There are no printable coupon for Postmates.

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+How to save money at Postmates?

You can save money at Postmates by using one of the current Postmates coupons from our website Right now, the most you can save is $100 in delivery fee.

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+How to find the best deal on Postmates?

You can manually copy and try all available coupons on You will get the best discount available at any given time. You can use our promo code link to automatically apply the coupon for you and get the biggest savings at Postmates.

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+How long do Postmates coupons last?

The Postmates promo codes currently available follow the terms and conditions set by Postmates. Currently Postmates set the coupon expiration date after 7 days of redemtion.

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+Where will I find special offers in the Postmates app?

To receive special offers in the Postmates app turn on the app notifications. You will receive special discounts

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+ How can I get free items and discounts from Postmates?

There are almost always coupons available for free delivery or discounted entrees. To get these savings, check your email as Postmates will send out promotions on a daily basis. On the app or website, you can also search for featured stores and restaurant to see what places are offering discounts so that you don't miss out on current savings.

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