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Working for Postmates is a good opportunity to earn money and apply for a job without complex requirements.

postmates driver requirements

Postmates Jobs

⚠️ Uber shut down the Postmates fleet platform. This means that you cannot apply anymore for a job as a Postmates driver. Take a look at our guide with the best and highest paying jobs for 2024.⚠️

In the era of the 'Gig Economy', if you are looking for a way to make more money, with a part-time or a full-time job, a flexible side jobs you can do in your free time or an alternative to seasonal and temporary job, Postmates is a good opportunity to boost your income with our referral code.

Postmates is hiring and growing really fast with new customers, doubled revenue each week and new job opportunities. Delivery jobs are one of the Postmates careers options. If you want to know how to work for postmates you will find in this complete guide all the information on Postmates, how to become a 'Postmate' with all the advantages of this job.

First of all, Postmates couriers are self employed. The terms and conditions between the delivery services app and couriers are outlined by the Fleet Agreement. Couriers need to put aside money for the taxes. They receive every year a 1099 form which documents the annual earnings and use this when filing taxes.

Postmates driver is a job with flexible hours. Postmates is not only a food delivery service. You can set your own schedule shifts and choose to work when it suits you. You can apply online for a job at Postmates and find work as a driver now.

Postmates Delivery Job

Postmates is a delivery service App that allows online ordering. More precisely and this is the big difference between Postmates and Doordash, or Postmates and GrubHub it allows you to order whatever you want wherever you are. With Postmates you will deliver food but also grocery and other goods from all the 500K Postmates merchants. Postmates is an innovative App that offers pick up services and help customers to save money with Postmates Party If you want to learn more, take a look at our complete guide on Postmates.

What is Postmates Fleet?

Postmates fleet is the part of Postmates dedicated to drivers. In this sense, on our website you will hear about Postmates fleet bonus, postmates fleet referral code, postmates fleet app, postmates fleet benefits ...

Case Study: What Are The Requirements to Become a Food Delivery Driver and Work in the Postmates, Doordash or Instacart Platform?

This post is not the usual checklist of the requirements for Postmates. Following is everything you need to know about Postmates delivery driver job with lots of details. You will be able to see the very real job requirements for companies who are actively hiring: Postmates, Doordash and Instacart. We propose you a case study and a complete analysis of all the requirements to become a delivery driver.

The data below are gathered from the Doordash Website and Instacart Website. Are you sure are you asking the right question? The list of qualification is pretty similar for all the companies.

Did you know that there is a ratings requirement to work for these Apps. In this case study we focused precisely on this aspect, which is very relevant and until now little discussed.

You can choose to sign for the App that gives the best sign up bonus, but also the most driver friendly one. If life is stressful enough for you, as it is for me, and you are looking for a way to make extra money , sign up for Postmates is the right way to earn more and do not make your life harder.

doordash ratings requirements

First of all, if you sign up for Doordash or Instacart you are required to have good ratings. Postmates is the only company that officially ditched its classic 1-to-5-star rating system for a binary thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system. Check our article on Postmates ratings. To give you an idea of how ratings works for example for Doordash, Dasher driver ratings includes:

  1. Customer Ratings
  2. Acceptance Rate
  3. Completion Rate
  4. On Time or Early

Postmates, Doordash and Instacart Driver Requirements

Postmates Driver Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age (you must be 21 to deliver alcohol)
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have access to a vehicle (in some markets you can use motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even walk)
  • Have a smartphone (iPhone/ Android)

Doordash Driver Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age (you must be 21 to deliver alcohol)
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have access to a vehicle (in some markets you can use motorcycles, scooters, bikes, or even walk)
  • Have a smartphone (iPhone/ Android)
  • Mantain a ratings

Instacart Shopper Requirements

  • Be at least 18 years of age (you must be 21 to deliver alcohol)
  • Be eligible to work in the United States
  • Have access to a vehicle
  • Have a smartphone (iPhone 5 / Android 4.4 or newer)
  • Be able to lift between 30-40 lbs with or without an accommodation

Postmates Driver Review

postmates driver job

You can read our complete Postmates review , just know that anybody can work for Postmates. You do not need to have special skills to join Postmates Fleet. There are no complex vehicle requirements, the job application to become a 'Postmates' will take a few minutes. You will then just have to pass a background check.

What Postmates Driver Do?

Unlike Lyft or Uber drivers you will not have to perform a ridesharing service. Postmates driver tipically do the following:

  • Accept delivery requests
  • Pick up the goods ordered by the customer with Postmates App
  • Pay the order with the Postmates prepaid card (it's a debit VISA card). All Postmate receive the delivery bag and prepaid card with the welcoming kit. The funds of the prepaid card are loaded on it for each purchase. You are not the card holder but you will always have to have it with you when you are online to pay the merchant.
  • Deliver the order to the location chosen by the customer
  • Earn Money and 100% of the tips

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Summary of Postmates, Doordash and Instacart Driver Requirements 2020

What do you need to start the application process to become a 'Postmate', 'Dasher' or Instacart Shopper?

Some requirements are the same for Postmates, Doordash and Instacart. Here is a list of Postmates, Doordash and Instacart qualifications:

  • Valid personal auto insurance that meets or exceeds state requirements (If you use a car)
  • Applicants must have a valid U.S. driver’s license (even if you don't own a vehicle, you need a valid U.S. driver’s license to become a Postmate). Unlike Uber driver requirements for which you must have a license for at least 1 year, for Postmates you don't need to have had your driver's license for a certain amount of time.
  • Provide a social security number (for a background check)
  • Pass a Criminal background check and driving record check

Postmates driver requirements

How to become a Postmates driver | Everything you need to know about Fleet Requirements for Postmates

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Postmates Vehicle Requirements

Unlike Uber or Lyft, there are no vehicle requirements to drive for Postmates, when you sign up you only have to choose how you want to make deliveries. With Postmates, you can change your vehicle type right from the App any time.

Here is a list of transport you can choose. The company’s car requirements are pretty simple – all you need is a vehicle, Postmates does not require a vehicle inspection. You can read our detailed guide on Postmates Vehicle Requirements to check our state by state guide and learn what vehicle is authorized in your city. Here is a checklist of vehicles eligible for Postmates.

  • on a bicycle
  • a scooter
  • a car ( There is no vehicle inspection)
  • a truck
  • or have a good pair of sneakers! (depending on the market).

Obviously, choosing to use a bike or a scooter to work with Postmates is more save money .

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Working for Postmates

All the benefits to become a Postmates Delivery Driver

postmates requirements

Postmates eBike

When delivering in crowded urban areas, the ability to get around traffic, park or get across town quickly makes all the difference in earnings generated for Postmates as well as delivery times for a customer. Use our Lime Bike Promo Code to Save money.

Lime Bike Promo Code

Postmates Pay

Postmates Pay

I guess you are eager to know how much does a Postmates driver earns. Postmates recently began an incentive program that guarantees you will make a specified amount of money.

All the Fleet drivers can cash out their earnings daily and earn more with tips providing good customer service. Learn more about how much does a Postmates driver make, Postmates salary, postmates tips and perks.
Postmates Pay

postmates Driver Friendly

Postmates Perks

Postmates is a Driver Friendly company. Postmates has strategic partnerships in place to make the life of an independent contractor a bit less stressful.

Postmates offers occupational insurance to all the fleet drivers. Did you know they’ve partnered with Stride for all of your health insurance and tax season needs?
Postmates Perks

Postmates Driver Promotion

You are too young for Uber or Lyft? Try this job instead. Apply Now for Postmates!


Postmates Background Check

Before you can begin earning money as a Postmates driver with Postmates Fleet App, you must go through a background check process. The Background check process is the same for Postmates, Doordash, Instacart and Uber Eats...

postmates background check

Postmates background check process review

What is a Postmates Background Check

Postmates background check is a step of the onboarding sessions to join Postmates fleet and become a Postmates driver/courier. It is a review of your criminal and personal records. A lot of employers run a background check, it's an employment screening and the process of looking up your criminal and personal records.

Postmates delivery drivers as well as doordash drivers or rideshare drivers are independent contractors. Safety is extremely important to Postmates, obviously Postmates is a secure platform and they screen all of Postmates Candidates with thorough background check. Postmates reserves the right to disqualify a driver if their background check reveals any disqualifying offense in the last 7 years or for any other safety-related reason.

Postmates background check requirements

To correcly run your Postmates background check during your Postmates application Process you need to provide some basic information:

  • full name (first , middle and last name)
  • full date of birth
  • your S.S.N. ( Social Security Number)

Do I need to give permission to run my Postmates Background check?

Yes, you have to allow Postmates to check your report. Remember that Background checks are subject to the rules of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which aims to protect consumer information. For example, the FCRA only gives creditors, insurers, employers, and landlords access to your background information.

In addition to the FCRA, California has its own set of laws that govern what can and cannot be included in a background check.

What does Postmates Background Check Look For?

The Postmates background check covers criminal background history and if you sign up to use a car or a motorcycle, Postmates also check your Motor Vehicles Record. Postmates does not make a credit check on its candidates

Your driving record/MVR contains information about your driving history including:

  • Status of drivers license
  • Traffic accidents
  • Driving record points
  • Traffic law violations, convictions and fines
  • DUI public records
  • Whether your driver license is valid, suspended or cancelled

Postmates Background Criminal Check

The criminal background check includes national and county-level databases and records. Background screening companies gather information from many different sources. More precisely your report lists information will include details such as:

  • Violent Crimes
  • Sexual Offenses
  • Theft
  • Property Damage
  • Felonies
  • DUI

How Long Does a Postmates Background Check Take?

The background check typically takes around 3–10 days. Postmates says it should take 1-3 days, but that time frame may vary.

At the end of your background check you'll receive a copy of your background report. If Postmates finds something in your background check which might cause them not to hire you

When will I be able to start to work for Postmates?

Postmates Background check is the penultimate step of the application process to become a Postmates driver. Once the background check is over, you will receive the welcoming kit with the prepaid card (beware this may take sometimes more than two weeks) You can look at our step by step Application Process Tutorial...It's easy!

How can I verify the status of my Postmates background check?

To check on the status of your background check, you can login in your Postmates fleet App.

Learn what to expect on Postmates background check and more tips and information on how to pass it and our Postmates background check F.A.Q page. Did you know you can remove points from your driving record? Learn how to do it.

+ Postmates Background Check

Postmates Courier Support

Do you still have questions about your background check? Do not hesitate to contact Postmates Applicant Support

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Postmates Orientation

Do I need to join an orientation to get started?

Unlike Doordash, the onboarding process to become a 'Postmate' driver does not provide an orientation.

During the postmates sign up process, you will need to provide information about yourself: name, phone number, market, mode of transportation, current mailing address for your Welcome Kit, social security number for your background check, and date of birth. After filling out this information during the sign up process, you will be taken to a checklist to finish the onboarding process where you will upload a selfie.

You'll receive by mail your Postmates Prepaid Card and hot/cold bag to arrive at your address. As soon as it arrives, please link your Postmates Prepaid Card to your account at Once you link your card, the final part of the process is kicked off, you can download the Fleet App. Do not forget to check our ultimate guide on Postmates Fleet App.

Postmates Insurance

Does Postmates have insurance?

Postmates provide excess auto insurance in excess of your primary personal automobile insurance. The insurance coverage for Fleet drivers is minimal. You can check with a rideshare insurance agent to be sure you are correctly insured.

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Last Words

Postmates is growing and has several open job positions. Join Postmates Fleet is a way to earn money. The on boarding process is easy, there are no complex requirements. Thanks to Postmates promo code you will earn more money.

Postmates Fleet Referral Code

Postmates Fleet Referral Code

There are so many good reasons to sign for Postmates and start to earn money! It is a perfect side hustle and you only need to meet some simple requirements, to apply and work with Postmates. You don't need experience. To participate in Postmates new driver promotion when you apply don't forget our referral driver promo code: FL- eleonorap . It will give you the best sign on bonus in your area. Follow the step by step tutorial

Postmates Apply

postmates $100 credit

Postmates $100 Credit

Don't miss the opportunity to get your $100 in FREE Postmates fee credit when you sign up as a new Postmates customer. Postmates $100 Free Delivery promotion offers $100 in free delivery credit to new customers who sign up for Postmates with a referral code. Check our guide on Postmates promo codes

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