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In such a competitive world, support is crucial to Postmates that is focused on fast interactions with clients, drivers and partners. Postmates Support Team for drivers, customers and merchant partners is available 24/7 to assist with you. Postmates support team works closely with other departments since they are the eyes and ears of the company towards the customer experience. In this article you will learn everything you need to know about Postmates phone number, Postmates fleet support, how to call Postmates or contact Postmates Support and get fast reply. Whether you are a driver, a potential driver, a customer or a Postmates Partner, here how contact Postmates Support and Customer service if you need help or you have a question.

Postmates Phone Number

If Phone support and the phone interaction have been the backbone of customer support for long time, it's not like that anymore. Postmates doesn’t have a phone number, than if you are trying the way to contact Postmates with your phone the answer will be: You cannot do it! In fact, Postmates does not have a call center with a team of people ready to answer calls within seconds.

So how to contact Postmates? Here the best 3 easy ways to contact Postmates and get help fast.

#1 Postmates Fleet Support: How a Postmates Driver Can Contact Fleet Support

Here the three easiest way to contact Postmates Support if you are a driver or an applicant driver.

Help Forum and FAQ section on Postmates Support Website

If you have a question about Postmates probably on you will find an answer. But if after having carefully browsed on our site you still have some questions, the first thing to do is browse topics on Postmates Fleet Help Forum. Postmates Fleet Forum is the first resource you need to check if you want to find information about Postmates. You can browse anytime this FAQ section in Postmates support website, it offers great resources to learn more about Postmates, to see if there are similar topics, to find ansewers to some common questions about Postmates driver pay, Postmates sign up bonus amount, technical issues with Postmates App...

Postmates Faq Support

3 Ways to Contact Postmates Support and Customer Service

3 BEST ways to contact Postmates support.

Postmates Fleet Email Support

Are you a Postmate or a potential Postmates driver looking for help?

Postmates Fleet support system is an online ticketing system. The big advantage of this ticketing support is that it's organized, efficient. Basicaly you Contact Fleet Support and you summit a request with an online form.

Postmates Fleet Request Support
Postmates Fleet Request Support

Postmates Fleet in App Support

Are you a Courier on active delivery? Do you have an immediate issue on a delivery?

If you need assistance while on an active delivery, go to Order Details, tap the Support button, then select the issue you are experiencing. Live Order Support will get back to you with the appropriate next steps via phone or text or the system will automatically decide what needs to be done.

/!\ Remember: this is not an emergency number. If you have an emergency call the 911

Postmates Fleet In Person Support

If you are already a Lyft driver you know that Lyft opened driver-service centers called the Lyft Hubs. Lyft Hub is a point of communication for Lyft drivers everywhere it offer in-person help and support to Lyft drivers. In the same way Uber offers in-person support to its drivers in the Greenlight Hubs. In the Uber Greenlight Hubs drivers can find support with everything from the onboarding process and learning about the App, or taking classes on how to properly install a car seat or improve their ratings. Today Postmates doesn't offer an in-person support to their driver.

#2 Postmates Customer Support

Postnates Customer Help Topics Support

Are you a Customer and do you have a general question about Postmates? Would you like to learn more about Postmates Promotions? Do you have a question other than an existing order or charge? You can browse the answers questions in Postmates Customer Support Website.

Postmates Customer Ticketing Support

If you have a specific question about an existing order or charge you have two options:

  1. login to your account in Postmates Website and contact Postmates Support
  2. Postmates Customer in-App support

Postmates Customer in-App Help: How can you get help with Postmates App?

Get help inside the Postmates App is realy easy and you can do it for a order in progress or for a previous order:

  1. Open Postmates App
  2. Touch Support
  3. All your past order will appear and at the bottom of the screen Postmates App gives you the possibility to Contact Postmates Support via Email

Get help inside the Postmates App: Use Order History or Help to contact Postmates Customer Service

The Postmates App offers different ways to contact Postmates customer service. The Customer history section of Postmates App allows you to report an issue or put a comment on your delivery.

postmates customer in app support
postmates customer in app support

#3 Postmates Partner Support

Are you a Merchant or Partner looking for help?

Check out the Partner Help Center. You will find a helpful FAQ page listing and answering frequently asked questions. At any moment if you still need help you can contact Postmates Partner Support with the Support Partner Button at the bottom of the screen (see our Support Partner screenshot 👇)

Postmates Partner Support

The Best Ways to get Fast Support from Postmates

Postmates receives countless requests every day from potential drivers, drivers, merchant partners and customers, sometimes it is not easy to get a quick response. Here are some tips on writing your questions when submitting your requests.

Post a substantial question in comprehensible English and be brief, complete and clear. If your English is not perfect, do not worry you can use the Google Translate .

contact Postmates Support Social Media

#4 Postmates Support via Social Media

Have you ever complained to a brand publicly via social media? Sometimes it's a great way to get a response and a resolution to the problem.

If you have a Twitter Account, using Twitter you get complaints resolved fast. Twitter is the best tool in the master complainers toolkit. Twitter authorizes only 280 characters, thanks to that your question will be succinct. You will only say exactly what the problem is and why you’re upset about it and you will get answers.

Here's a complete checklist on how you can find Postmates on the main social media platforms:

Last Words: How to contact Postmates Support

M.H. Alderson said: “If at first you don't succeed, you are running about average.” Sometimes it's hard to get answers fast by Postmates (for us too 😰). If you do not find your answers in Postmates FAQ Support and they do not reply to your ticket, use our last method. In any case, be patient end perseverant. We want to let you know that all our Team is here and we support our driver community. You can also contact us

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