How to Use Postmates App: A Guide For Everyone

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How to Download & Use the Postmates App

postmates app guide

Postmates is a popular delivery services, whether you’re a Postmates veteran or a complete newbie, our guide will get you started and run through some of the app’s more integral features, including how to get anything you want anywhere you want, contact your Postmates driver feature...

If you are already a Postmates driver or want to become a Postmates driver, please check out our comprehensive guide to Postmates Fleet App

Getting started

Postmates services are available on iOS, Android or Postmates website . Postmates App is free, you can start using it right away, but before to pass your first order, apply our Postmates referral code. You will get a $100 FREE delivery credit.

Postmates update the App regularly to improve the performance and reliability of the App. Postmates App is small and will not take so many storage in your phone. Once you are on the Apple or Play store:

  • Get the App on your iPhone or install on your Android phone.
  • If your iPhone has Touch ID enabled for the App Store, you'll be prompted to scan your fingerprint; otherwise, you'll have to input your Apple ID password. The Facebook app will begin downloading onto your iPhone.

Now that the Postmates App is in your phone, you can open it and start the sign up process. First of all, Postmates App will ask you to access the device's location. A lot of Apps ask for your location, there is a simple reason, like easily finding a restaurants and shops nearest you. Personally I always allow, you are free to deny for privacy reasons and enter manually your location when you use the App.

Postmates App allow you to sign up with:

  • Email
  • Facebook Account

Be aware that if you choose to log in with your Facebook account, your data will be shared between the social network and the third-party App, in this case the Postmates App.

Adjust your settings

The settings menu it is easy to use and allows you to manage your contact information and to set up different addresses for the deliveries, to set up your payment information and of course to share your Postmates referral code. Here some examples in images for you.

postmates app setting menu
postmates app setting menu

How Does Postmates Work?

You probably already use the ride hailing apps like Uber or Lyft. Even for Postmates everything works via the web interface or the app. The basics of the ordering and delivering are that after you place an order, a Postmates courier picks it up and delivers it to you. At this point, what is important to know that recently Postmates introduced new features:

  • The Pick Up
  • Postmates Party

1. Pick up

Have you already discovered the magic of ordering ahead with Postmates? The pick up option will help you to save diners time and fees.

2. Postmates Party

Postmates party is one of the most recent feauture of the App. You can take a look at our guide to Postmates Party. This new delivery option will help you to save money by ordering food from popular restaurants.

How to pass an order

From your favorite drink to your favorite restaurant (Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Italian or...) to the clothes you prefer. There is a big number of choices with Postmates app. The first thing to do is to etablish the place of delivery.

One of the advantages of using Postmates app is that you can enter and change the delivery adress. Below is an example in images on how to change the delivery address.

Click on the arrow next to the current location. At the bottom of the screen will appear a menu. You can write the new delivery address or indicate to Postmates app to use the current location.

postmates app

Postmates app offers for you some shopping options. You can make choice by category or if you want to search for a specific store or good you can use the search box located in the upper right corner of the app. If you are looking for an hamburger for example, Postmates app will list for you all the possible choices with the time of delivery. After having selected your restaurant (or store) the menu (or products for sale) will be listed in the app with their respective price. You can now simply add any items you want to your cart as you normally do for your online shopping .

postmates app
postmates app
postmates app

Before confirming your order, you will see your total amount including delivery fee. After confirming, your card will be charged only with the amount of the goods and the fee of delivery if applicable. You can follow the status of your order, track your Postmates courier location and the extimated delivery time directly through Postmaes app.

Postmates drivers have the possibility to contact you (call or text) for any problem or question concerning the order.

Postmates Versus...

Postmates is unique! All the other delivery Apps only offer food delivery services. However if you are intrested in having a comparaison with other food delivery app, here is one.

Postmates vs Doordash

The two apps work similarly. Customers pass an order Dasher (Doordash driver) or Postmate (Postmate driver) pick up the order from the restaurants and bring them to customers. When ordering on Doordash or Postmates app, customers pay for the price of their goods or food, the local taxes plus a delivery fee. The delivery fees for Postmates is quite low. Have you already heard of Postmates Unlimited? Postmates Unlimited offers you free delivery for order over $20. You can check our article on Postmates promo code in particular the section of Postmates Unlimited

If you are looking for a gig job, we compared Postmates and Doordash.

Postmates vs UberEats

UberEats is the food delivery app of Uber. Like Doordash they focus on delivering food orders from local restaurants to customers. Restaurants are looking for the way to increase their revenues and to keep thei business profitable. Postmates, UberEats or Doordash app are a solution. UberEats services are available in different cities in the United States of America, in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia or South Africa.

The way of the two apps work is always the same, submit an order with UberEats app is easy. Customers simply peek a restaurant through hundreds of restaurant listed on the UberEats app. As with Postmates and DoorDash, customers place their order and pay directly through the app. Postmates, UberEats and Doordash app, allow you to track the location of their delivery driver in real-time.

With UberEats sometimes you will pay a fee for busy areas. When there are more orders in a certain area than delivery partners, UberEats apply this extra fee to ensure that you can still get the food you want whan you want.

Postmates vs Grubhub

Grubhub, like Doordash and UberEats is only food delivery app. GrubHub was founded in Chicago and recently merged with another food delivery service Seamless. You can pass an order with GrubHub app in U.S and also in London. Grubhub lets users review restaurants, this is an incentive for restaurants to give the best. As well as Postmates also Grubhub offers the pick up service. Unlike Postmates, however, many restaurants require a minimum of expense to place an order.

Postmates APP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How To Contact Postmates Driver?

So, you was so excited to place your order and you forgot something, or you have a new instruction for your Postmates driver. Now, your big question is: How do I contact the Postmates driver? First of all, even if your order has been accepted and your driver accepted the delivery request, you cannot contact your driver until he has already picked up your order and he is on the way to drop off it. At this point you can contact your Postmates driver with the App.

  • Open the app.
  • Tap on your Order
  • The first option available is: Contact the driver

how to contact postmates driver

Can I Pay my Postmates Order with cash?

No, to place an order with Postmates app, you must first set up the payment method in the settings menu. Postmates app offers you the flexibility to choose between:

  • Payment card
  • Apple Pay

Do You Tip Postmates

You can take a look at our complete guide to postmates tipping , but tip is always a customer choice. Your card will only be charged with the cost of the goods you have ordered and of delivery fee if applicable.

How Does Tip work with Postmates?

After your order has been delivered, you will receive a notification in the Postmates app asking you to rate the Postmates driver. You have the possibility, if you want, to leave a tip for the driver. As we said, Tip is not mandatory. Postmates app calculates 10%, 15% or 20% or the orther. You can also enter your desired tip amount.

postmates tips

How Do I Cancel a Postmates Order after I passed it?

You can cancel an order made with Postmates, at any time, through Postmates app or Postmats website.

How to cancel an order from Postmates app

Tap the “Help” option from the order status page, at the bottom of the screen, a submenu with two options will appear. Click on “Cancel Order” from there and select the reason for cancelling and press continue.

How to cancel an order from Postmates website

Login in your Postmates account in the Postmates website. You need to click on the help buttom from the order status page, select cancel your order and select the reason for cancelling.

Please note that depending on when you cancel your order, you may still be charged some or all of the order cost.

  1. the Postmate (Postmates driver) hasn’t arrived at the merchant yet: You can cancel the order directly through the app at no charge to you.
  2. the Postmate is on the way to pick it up: you’ll pay for the items and a cancelation fee to cover the cost. Since the service was not completed, you won’t pay the Delivery Fee or the Service Fee.
  3. the order is on the way to you: Postmates will need to charge you the full price for the delivery at this point which includes the items, the Delivery Fee, and the Service Fee.

Postmates Safety Review

Safety is extremely important to Postmates, obviously Postmates is a secure platform and they screen all of Postmates'candidates with thorough background check. Postmates reserves the right to disqualify a driver if their background check reveal any disqualifying offense in the last 7 years or for any other safety-related reason.

All payment transactions, including tipping, are processed automatically on your payment card through the Postmates app. This means you will never need cash on-hand. The mobile numbers shared between customers and Postmates are masked so that real phone numbers are never exposed.

Does Postmates Offer Free Delivery?

After dowloading Postmates app, you will receive several offers from Postmates of free delivery for some specific days or for purchases made in certain marchants. Do not forget to take your Postmates $100 code. It will gives you $100 free delivery fee credit. Our Postmates promo codes are always valid and have no expiration date.

Do not forget Postmates Unlimited $0 delivery fee on all orders over $20

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Postmates Help Center

Do you have a question on Postmates? We have the answer 😉. Browse our website, we know Postmates... you can also send us your questions by mail. We are a helpful community of Postmate! If you prefer you can contact the Postmates Support team through the Postmates app or through the website.

Last words

Postmates App make your life easier, happier and better. Our goal is that you always feel safe and comfortable when engaging with our product. Nothing is more important to Postmates . contact Postmates support . With these guides, however, I believe that you will be ready to go. Stay in touch with us via our Twitter, Facebook or Linkedin pages and if you think we've been helpful, do not hesitate to support us... put a like or share our page 😉

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