How to sign up for Postmates in 5 easy steps and claim your sign up bonus with driver referral code:

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postmates driver sign up bonus

If you are looking for the way to increase your income fast, follow our tips and sign up for Postmates with our Postmates driver promo code. In fact, when you use our Postmates driver referral code you can claim the new driver Postmates sign up bonus up to $1000.

If you do not know what is Postmates, Postmates is a delivery company based on new technology platforms: the apps. Postmates grows fast, but what differentiates it from other delivery companies like Doordash, UberEats, Grubhub is that Postmates is not just food delivery app. Sign for Postmates and you will not be bored!

Working for Postmates

Become a Postmates Driver is a job opportunity. The submission of your application is really easy and free. Get your referral bonus by following our 5 steps.

#1 Step: Postmates Driver Requirements

There are some basic requirements to sign up for Postmates and become a Postmates courier

  • 18 years old or older
  • Own a Smarthphone
  • A valid U.S. driver license
  • Have a Social Security Number (for the background check)

To learn more about Postmates driver requirements have a look at our complete guide

#2 Step: Postmates Vehicle Requirements

Unlike Lyft and Uber for which your vehicle need to meet some requirements, any vehicle qualify for Postmates. You can also bike, scoot or walk. The vehicle inspection is not required.

Check our complete list on Postmates vehicle requirements . Find out what type of vehicle is authorized in your city and how working for Postmates is a good making money opportunity. Sign up for Postmates and you will earn money by driving, riding and even walking.

#3 Step: Postmates On Boarding Process

Why lose the opportunity to receive your Postmates sign up bonus when the Postmates new driver application process is free and will only take a few minutes of your time. Unlike Doordash the application to become a Postmates driver do not require an Orientation. Postmates will send you for free at home everything you need to start your new job (the isulated bag and the prepaid card). To give clear we made for you an easy step by step tutorial 👇

#4 Step: Postmates Background Check

There is no escape route! If you want to sign up for Postmates or Lyft or UberEats, you have to pass a background check. Postmates Background check covers criminal and background and DMV history. To qualify for Postmates you should not have:

  • Any Major Traffic violations in the past seven years
  • More than three accidents in the past three years.

If you want learn more about Postmates Background Check and how to pass it, you can read our complete guide on Postmates Background Check .

#5 Step: Dowload Postmates App and Make the Deliveries

Congatulation! If you need to download Postmates App you have all the requirements to become a Postmates courier, you completed the application process and you passed the Postmates background check. Now you only need to download Postmates App and take the road for your first delivery.

We work for Postmates community and to make your life easier and help you make more from your Postmates job. Look at our guide on Postmates App and learn how to install it in your phone and how set it up to maximize your earnings.

Current Postmates Promo and Sign up Bonus By City

Now that you know everything about Postmates requirements and application process, here a complete guide of the new Postmates Fleet sign up bonus by city. The only prerequisite to get your sign up bonus is that you have to use our Postmates Fleet driver referral code: FL-eleonorap. Note that our Postmates promo code is 100% valid and working in 2021. Be referred by and take advantage of it. Our Postmates fleet referral code will give you the best sign on bonus in your area at any given time. Postmates sign up bonus vary city by city and it's for a limited time. You can find below the amount of Postmates driver sign up bonus and the required number of deliveries to receive your bonus for the main cities where Postmates services are available. Sign up bonus offers are available:

  • Albany NY: 20 deliveries $150
  • Allentown PA: 40 deliveries $325
  • Albuquerque: 50 deliveries $400
  • Athens GA: 45 deliveries $350
  • Atlanta: 50 deliveries $400
  • Ann Arbor: 55 deliveries $450
  • Asheville NC: 55 deliveries $450
  • Bakersfield: 85 deliveries $675
  • Boston: 95 deliveries $750
  • Brooklyn: 65 deliveries $525
  • Charlotte: 100 deliveries $1000
  • Chicago: 85 deliveries $675
  • Dallas/Fort Worth: 50 deliveries $400
  • Denver: 85 deliveries $775
  • East Bay: 75 deliveries $600
  • Flagstaff: 90 deliveries $725
  • Houston: 45 deliveries $350
  • Las Vegas: 100 deliveries $1000
  • Long Beach: 70 deliveries $625
  • Los Angeles: 160 deliveries $1600
  • Miami: 85 deliveries $675
  • Milwaukee: 65 deliveries $525
  • Nashville: 105 deliveries $1000
  • New Orleans: 75 deliveries $600
  • New York City: 105 deliveries $850
  • Newark: 40 deliveries $325
  • Ogden UT: 50 deliveries $400
  • Olympia WA: 45 deliveries $350
  • Orlando: 35 deliveries $275
  • Philadelphia: 65 deliveries $525
  • Phoenix: 100 deliveries $1000
  • Pittsburgh: 110 deliveries $875
  • Portland: 120 deliveries $1000
  • Syracuse NY: 25 deliveries $225
  • Tampa Bay: 50 deliveries $$400
  • Toledo OH: 50 deliveries $400
  • Tucson: 105 deliveries $850
  • Tulsa: 50 deliveries $400
  • Victorville CA: 60 deliveries $475
  • Virginia Beach: 85 deliveries $675
  • Washington DC: 75 deliveries $600
  • Wichita: 70 deliveries $550
  • Wilmington NC: 70 deliveries $550

If you do not find your city in this list please check the amount of your sign up bonus in Postmates Fleet Markets Information website.

Postmates onboarding process with driver referral code

This tutorial will show you how to correctly apply for Postmates and get your sign up bonus.

Postmates Sign-up

First Step

To correcly apply for your Postmates sign up bonus: After reading the simple instructions below, fill up the form (email+choose a password) to create your Courier/Driver Account.

Get Postmates Referral Code

Like this...
It's easy

Postmates Best Sign-up Bonus Step 1

Postmates Sign-up

Second Step

You need to provide some basic information about yourself and how you plan to deliver.

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile Number

  • City (the market where you'll operate.)
    Postmates is a flexible job. You can change the market anytime you want.

  • Vehicle Type

  • Most important : Referral Code FL-eleonorap

    Official Postmates fleet referral code, have this format. They start with the initials FL which is the abbreviation of Fleet (written in capital letters) + the code of the person who reffers you(written in lowercase).

Like this...
It's easy

Postmates Best Sign-up Bonus Step 3

Postmate Vehicle Requirements

Vehicle Type

Don't worry! Any working vehicle qualifies for work for Postmates. You do not have to own a vehicle to sign up as a Postmates driver. There are numerous vehicle solutions. You can even deliver on:

  • a bicycle

  • a scooter

  • a car ( There is no vehicle inspection)

  • a truck

  • or have a good pair of snickers! (depending on the market).

    You can change your vehicle type right from the app any time.

Like this...
It's easy

Postmates Best Sign-up Bonus Step 3

Driver Details

Driver license.

Even though you don’t need a car to be a Postmates driver, you will need a driver’s license as identification.

Like this...
It's easy

Postmates Best Sign-up Bonus Step 3

Almost done!

Address + Postmates Fleet Agreement.

You need to enter your current home address. This will be the address where you will receive the welcome kit, so make sure the address you provide is correct.

Postmates Welcome kit

The Postmates welcome kit contains:

  • the insulated bag (Postmates unlike other competitors gives for free the insulated bag to its drivers)

  • the prepaid green card (As soon as it arrives, link your Postmates Prepaid Card to your account at

Postmates Fleet Agreement

The Fleet Agreement outlines the terms and conditions under which you perform services on the Postmates Platform.

That's it!

Postmates Background Check

It's a mandatory step to become a Postmate as is typical with almost every courier service as Lyft. You must have a social security number for the background check to run correctly.

What does the background check cover?

The background check covers criminal background history and if you sign up to use a car or a motorcycle, Postmates also check your Motor Vehicles Record. Learn what to expect and how to pass it

+ Postmates Background Check

Need Extra Cash? Sign up for UberEats

If you want to earn more, Uber Eats is offering a huge sign up bonus to new driver. It's another opportunity for you to make cash fast and maximize your earnings.

Maximize your earnings

postmates increase earnings

Learn how maximize your earnings

Afrer you sign up, learn how maximize your earnings and how to set up fleet app to maximize profits. Increase your earnings with all the bonuses and incentives that postmates offers to drivers and do not forget to track your mileage.

Postmates sign up bonus Frequently Asked Questions

+Postmates driver referral code, Postmates Fleet Referral Code, Postmates Promo code, what do they really mean?

Postmates offers many promotions, bonuses and incentives for their customers and drivers. Some of these promotions are in the form of referral code. In particular, promotions with Fleet in their name are dedicated to drivers. Postmates Fleet referral code for example allows you to get the new driver sign up bonus.

+How to use the Postmates driver referral code?

To be eligible for the Postmates new driver promotion you can use our Postmates referral link the referral code is included on it. Or you can enter the code FL-eleonorap manually at the time you start your application.

+Is Postmates Fleet driver referral code retroactive?

No. To be eligible for the Postmates new driver promotion you need to enter the code FL-eleonorap at the time you start your application. Otherwise, you won't be eligible for the new driver promotion.

+Postmates Sign up bonus $750, How much really is the sign up bonus? is a Postmates partner. Our Postmates driver referral code will give you $750 in biggest markets like: San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York... For all the cities where you can sign up as Postmates driver, our Postmates referral code will give you the best sign on bonus at any given time. Summarizing: The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

See your Postmates Bonus

+How long does it take to be approved by Postmates ?

It can take from 3 to 10 days. You will need to pass the Postmates Background Check

+Where can I check my application status?

Log in to your Postmates Fleet Account to see your application status.

+Can Postmates drivers drive in other cities

Yes, you can drive in other cities of USA where Postmates services are available.

Last word

Working for Postmates is a great making money opportunity. If you sign up with our driver referral code you will take advantage of the current Postmates promotion and you will receive your sign up bonus. Postmates sign up bonus is on fire and up to $1000.

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*The bonus is location/time dependent. Depending on when and where, your bonus will vary.

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